Floods in Morocco Kill at Least 24 in Illegal Factory

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RABAT, Morocco — At least 24 people died in a flooded house which was being used as a clandestine textile mill after torrential rains on Monday at the northeast city of Tangier, the Moroccan interior ministry said in a statement.

The victims, many of whom were girls, were trapped in the cellar of the home, in a residential area of town, the ministry stated. At least 10 people were rescued in the home and a hunt was continuing for more survivors, ” it included. The state-run network 2M place the death toll at 28, citing police sources.

Photos and videos of significant rains, and also the lifeless bodies of people being taken from the home, were dispersed on social networking, sparking outrage online. Some witnesses told local news websites that a few of the victims were electrocuted, but there was no official confirmation of this.

The interior ministry said that it had been exploring.

The owner of the mill has not been identified but according to local news reports, he had been on the scene in the time of this tragedy and is presently under medical supervision.

Local news media reported that flood was a frequent difficulty in Tangier despite hefty investment to block it. Many factories are still working illegally in homes in hazardous conditions, they stated.

The roads around the home stayed flooded after the collision, and a range of cars were trapped at the water since ambulances rushed survivors into hospital.

A comment mentioned by local press stated that there was heavy rain in the daytime and rescuers, with the assistance of neighborshad fought to pull out bodies given the high amount of water.

A member of parliament from Tangier, Mohamed Khayi, through a televised session in the Parliament, called upon the labour ministry, Mohamed Amekraz, to research what happened and make sure it doesn’t occur again.

“This is a really sad day for Tangier,” he explained. “We expect we’ll determine who’s responsible. That is our collective duty ”

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