Each ‘WandaVision’ business defined, Lagos to Nexus

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This story incorporates spoilers for “WandaVision.”

Don’t contact that dial: “WandaVision’s” commercials are something however product placement — they’ve been dropping clues in regards to the fact of the present from the beginning.

Regardless of its cheery sitcom trappings, it’s been clear because the Disney+ unique sequence premiered in January that all just isn’t what it appears within the leafy suburb of Westview. It seems that Wanda, racked by the grief of shedding Imaginative and prescient, created a model of the life she’d at all times dreamed of within the place supposed to be the couple’s future dwelling.


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Every of the sitcom-inspired episodes of “WandaVision” has included commercials alluding to previous occasions from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or hinting at concepts from Marvel comedian books. (That these clues come within the type of commercials is a bit of suspect, although. Wanda’s publicity to TV sitcoms appears to have come predominantly from DVD boxed units, which typically don’t contain business breaks.)

All indicators level to a giant showdown and new revelations in Friday’s “WandaVision” finale. Till then, right here’s a breakdown of the important thing references contained in every of the present’s faux commercials.

Episode 1: ToastMate 2000

Slogan: Neglect the previous, that is your future

The business that airs throughout “Filmed Earlier than a Reside Studio Viewers” is for the ToastMate 2000, a top-of-the-line toaster made by Stark Industries. That the product is a toaster might be a nod to Imaginative and prescient — he has been known as a speaking toaster within the comics — however its producer is the extra vital element.

Wanda and Pietro first crossed paths with the Avengers in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015) — as their enemies. This was as a result of the twins held Tony Stark, a.ok.a. Iron Man, accountable for the loss of life of their mother and father, who had been killed by weapons manufactured by Stark Industries. (This led them on the trail to hitch Hydra, a secret group making an attempt to overthrow governments and management the world.)

“WandaVision” Episode 8 revisits that tragic evening and exhibits the Stark-branded rocket that lands within the Maximoff’s dwelling. And the explosive’s beeping, flashing gentle is rather like the one on the ToastMate 2000.

The slogan “overlook the previous, that is your future” is mainly Wanda’s superhero life story. In a way, she needed to overlook her grudge in opposition to Stark to work with him and the Avengers. It additionally appears to explain her scenario in Westview.

Episode 2: Strücker

Slogan: Strücker: He’ll find time for you

A business for a Strücker wristwatch airs throughout “Don’t Contact That Dial,” and it’s one other clear reference to Wanda’s previous.

Strücker is the title of the Hydra scientist who performed the experiments that woke up Wanda and Pietro’s powers. The watch‘s face even options the skull-with-tentacles Hydra brand.

It’s one other occasion revisited in “WandaVision” Episode 8, displaying experiments that had been merely teased within the introduction of Wanda and Pietro to the MCU. (The twins had been first seen in a mid-credits scene throughout 2014’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”)

Wanda and her brother volunteered for Baron Strücker’s experiments involving Loki’s scepter, which housed the Thoughts Stone — the catalyst that triggered her powers. Contemplating that Wanda and Pietro had been primarily the one survivors of the process, Strücker positively had time for them.

Episode 3: Hydra Soak

Slogan: Hydra Soak: Discover the goddess inside!

Hydra is referred to once more within the business throughout “Now in Shade.” This time, the product is a luxurious bathtub powder referred to as Hydra Soak that may aid you “escape to a world all your personal,” which sounds rather a lot like what Wanda has been doing in Westview.

The lady within the business saying “you learn my thoughts” additionally serves as an off-the-cuff reminder of Wanda’s powers, which embrace studying and manipulating individuals’s minds.

After Agatha’s snooping in Episode 8 places Wanda’s powers in a brand new context, “discover the goddess inside” additionally takes on a brand new which means. It seems that Wanda’s powers have at all times been inside her; Hydra’s prodding simply helped unleash it. The road is also reference to the determine — whose silhouette matches that of the comedian guide Scarlet Witch — Wanda sees inside the gentle of the Thoughts Stone throughout that flashback.

Episode 4: None

“We Interrupt This Program” catches viewers up with what has been occurring exterior Westview metropolis limits, so no business.

Episode 5: Lagos paper towels

A hand holding the Sokovia Accords in "Captain America: Civil War."

An Avengers mess in Lagos immediately led to the drafting of the Sokovia Accords in “Captain America: Civil Struggle.”

(Marvel Studios)

Slogan: Lagos: For if you make a large number you didn’t imply to

The commercials are again with “On a Very Particular Episode…,” and Lagos model paper towels as soon as once more put the highlight on a major occasion in Wanda’s previous.

In “Captain America: Civil Struggle” (2016), the Avengers — together with Wanda — monitor mercenaries in Lagos, Nigeria, who’re making an attempt to steal a organic weapon. The chief of the group has a grudge in opposition to Captain America, so he makes an attempt to take the hero out by blowing himself up when Cap catches up with him.

Wanda makes use of her powers to quickly comprise the blast and hurls the villain into the air, the place the explosion hits a constructing stuffed with civilian bystanders. Wanda is devastated.

On high of the casualties, one consequence of the occasions in Lagos is the Sokovia Accords, which world governments draft to demand that the Avengers be allowed to function solely underneath the supervision of a global panel. This results in the messy rift between Captain America and Iron Man that splits the group aside, with Wanda and the Imaginative and prescient on opposing sides.

Episode 6: Yo-Magic

Kathryn Hahn in 'WandaVision'

Does Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) snack on Yo-Magic?

(Marvel Studios)

Tagline: Yo-Magic: The snack for survivors

As a result of the earlier commercials have pointed to key moments in Wanda’s previous, it’s straightforward to imagine the one in “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” does the identical. However the advert for Yo-Magic yogurt just isn’t as simple.

It’s a fairly ominous business: A baby stranded on an island is given a snack by a shark, solely to waste away right into a skeleton as a result of he’s unable to open the package deal. The child might be seen as a stand-in for Wanda and her isolation: if the island is a metaphor for Westview, she’s in serious trouble.

However after the glimpse of 1693 Salem proven in Episode 8, it appears extra seemingly that this business is about Agatha.

A flashback exhibits Agatha being restrained by her coven and dealing with accusations that she’s been training darkish, forbidden magic. However issues take a flip when the encompassing witches assault Agatha with magic. As an alternative of being damage by the blasts, Agatha begins to soak up the opposite witches’ magical power, which leaves the opposite girls as withered corpses.

It seems that Agatha survived the ordeal by snacking on their magic. May this be what she has deliberate for Wanda?

Episode 7: Nexus

Wanda (played by Elizabeth Olsen) unleashing her powers in 'WandaVision'

Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) is the anchor holding the sitcom actuality of Westview collectively.

(Marvel Studios)

Tagline: Nexus: As a result of the world doesn’t revolve round you. Or does it?

The business for the antidepressant Nexus throughout “Breaking the Fourth Wall” seems to convey the main target again to Wanda.

The lady within the advert is “feeling depressed [and] just like the world goes on with out [her],” which describes what Wanda goes by within the sequence. And in line with the business, Nexus “works to anchor you again to your actuality — or the truth of your alternative.”

In Marvel comics, the Nexus of All Realities is a mystical gateway that hyperlinks each dimension that exists. As a result of “WandaVision” is organising components of the forthcoming “Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity,” it will not be shocking if the sequence introduces one thing much like the MCU.

Actually, the Scarlet Witch within the comics is likely one of the uncommon people often known as a Nexus Being. As defined to Agatha in a 1990 problem of “West Coast Avengers,” this implies the Scarlet Witch is “one who belongs equally to all attainable timelines — all realities and divergencies.” Principally, comedian guide Wanda is a uniquely highly effective determine in her actuality who impacts the steadiness of the multiverse.

Maybe the season finale of “WandaVision” will reveal that actuality does revolve round Wanda.

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