More canadian students can get sugar daddies to pay for school

"How the hell am I going to pay school?" the cyclical majority of students go on days, more and more come to the same answer: sugar idaddie

Jenny is a 19-year-old first-year student at the Royal University in Alberta. She goes to school at a full rate for business and works part-time in the retail industry

She also has a sugar daddy that will cut her 1500-$/check every month to pay for school

"School is expensive," she said. "I work, and it's not enough to cover all the accounts."

Well, as long as we don't forget too deep, let' s answer some questions that may arise around the brain

Jenny introduced this "engineer who's too busy to settle down" on the dating site six months ago. If you have not heard of SA, it connects sugars-infants (mostly young women) with sugar bags (mainly old men with money for burns)

And she's not the only one who's looking for a ballad in the bank to do a bank

More Canadian students are looking for sugar passes

According to a recent report published by Seeking Arrangement, nearly 250,000 Canadian university students had written their signatures in the hope of finding "mutually beneficial" relationships

They are even ranked by universities with the largest number of signatures:

The numbers in this list are based on students who have recorded data using their school e-mail address. The total number of students (250,000) is much higher, as they calculated all who signed the "student"

Not a HUGE number, but it is still strange to think that all the lectures that your colleagues are giving are immersion of their fingers in the "Sugar Bowl"

"After they finish the job, they are already behind the curve and so much in debt that they are almost like," Why did I go to college? "

Alexis Alexis Germany has informed the students of the SLN that since school expenses, living expenses and textbooks continue to grow,

"Students are trying to find a way to mitigate this financial stress rather than take more and more loans," she said. "After they finish the job, they are already behind the curve and so much in debt that they are almost like," Why did I go to college? "

The sugar baby university

The student section of the SA is called "Sugar Baby University" and their ads make it look like romantic fantasies

The numbers are very attractive. Germany reported that the average monthly allowance for sugar supplements gave sugar babies $2,850. In addition, there are usually gifts and trips

A 20-year-old baby baby from Toronto, with whom we talked in one of the sugar forums, says she doesn't even have to go to school. She has two sugar beacons, each of which pays her $5,000 a month

-Yeah. It's a serious cash

But what price do these young women pay?

The sugar babies we said they were just fun and could stop at any moment. But it was easier said than done when those checks were transferred to

The water heaters will say it's "Substitute ..."?

Jenny doesn't think so

" I think prostitution means you're just having sex with this man. We do everything together like normal relations, not just sex. "

The search for Arrangment works as Tinder or Bumble where people approach and communicate. The actual "agreements" are taken offline. People who understand transactions for sex on the actual site (for example, escort to find new customers) are downloaded

"It's a form of legalized sex work."

Judith Taylor, Adjunct Professor at Toronto University of Toronto's Women and Gender Studies Institute, said she realizes that the students who are under stress are under financial melting, but in the end it is prostitution

"This is a form of legalization of sex work," she said. "Your training has been paid for, and you do a number of things for a person who they consider to be sexual in nature, whether it is to accompany them or to have sex with them."

She says the Agreement is in agreement because it's trying to get people to admit what they want. But, on the other hand, it perpetuates the stereotype that older men can meet and pay young women

" Women must be truly honest with themselves about what they think of $3,000. I don't know whether heterosexuality actually teaches young women to be honest with themselves about what they want to do, that they think they're valuable, what they think about sexual exchange. "

A sign of chronic underfunding in Canada

Sugar sugar was news for Megan Boler, Professor of Social Justice Education at the Ontario Research Institute of Education

"It shows the impoverishment of public funding for education, if this is what young women need to do in Canada in 2018."

"This is a very high price to pay with their bodies, time and energy for what should be a well-funded state."

She said she had no wish to blame the victims for the story, but found it disturbing that people would follow the route, unlike the cost of training and the fight to improve financial aid, as was the case at the time of the work

" This is a huge price to pay with their bodies, time and energy for what should be a well-funded state. It's absolutely outrageous. "

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